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Mad Money Marketing Projects


Mad Money Marketing, originally Maddy Hayley Designs, was founded in 2019 with the idea of helping small businesses thrive. What started as copywriting and SMM for small businesses has bloomed into national marketing campaigns, website design, brand identity kits, and more.


Define objectives and goals | establish budget | create event timeline | prepare venue | arrange suppliers and vendors | develop event theme and design | market and promote the event (social media, print media, e-mail marketing, mailers, and networking events) |  coordinate logistics | plan event programs | manage RSVPs and attendee communication | decor | prepare for contingencies | execute the event | follow-up and evaluation


The Draft Sports Pub & Maverick's Country Bar




The Draft Sports Pub is a casual yet refined sports pub & eatery that caters to a higher end clientele. The Draft is attached to Maverick's Country Bar which is The Bay Area's only country line dance bar. 


General marketing | private event sales and scheduling | website inquiries | flyer and signage design | manage all live entertainment | specials promotions | holiday and event promotion | manage RAP sheet | social media | staff sales training | newsletter management | graphic design | cold calling | community event promotion| menu graphics | table top signage | customer surveys | promotional booth organization | collateral material management | website management | event contract provisions | local team sponsorships

The Draft Marketing Management

Weekly Upcoming Events Schedule Brown Instagram Story (Instagram Post).png


The Draft is focusing it's current marketing efforts on encouraging a broader clientele to enjoy the activities available at this welcoming pub.


  • Host more events that 'everyone' can enjoy

  • Distance the brand from 'sports bar' branding

  • Create more print media to attract Maverick's clientele during the week

  • Focus marketing efforts on enjoyable experiences

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Social Media Posts for Maverick's & The Draft

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Private Event Planning

At The Draft and Mavericks, booking and planning high-end events entails meticulous attention to detail and seamless coordination. From selecting exquisite menus to arranging sophisticated decor, every aspect is carefully curated to exceed expectations. Our team collaborates closely with clients to understand their vision and deliver bespoke experiences tailored to their needs. With a focus on luxury and elegance, we strive to create unforgettable moments that leave a lasting impression on guests. Whether it's a corporate gala or an intimate celebration, we ensure that every event at The Draft and Mavericks is executed flawlessly.


Entertainment Management

Booking and planning all entertainment entails a comprehensive approach for me, from line dance instructors and DJs to karaoke, trivia, bands, and more. I curate a diverse lineup, maintaining an entertainment list with over 100 entertainers. Meticulous scheduling and coordination ensure seamless events, whether it's a lively night of dancing or a relaxed evening of trivia. My priority is to create engaging experiences for our guests, tailored to their tastes and preferences.

Animal Rescue Marketing


Animal rescue marketing involves storytelling to highlight rescued animals, utilizing social media for visibility, and organizing fundraising campaigns for support. It requires creativity, empathy, and strategic communication to attract adopters and donors, complemented by print media for broader outreach and in-person events for community engagement.


Storytelling | content creation | social media management | fundraising campaign planning | strategic communication | print media marketing | adoption event planning | photography | videography | blog writing | news reporting | advertising | networking | email marketing

Wonder Dog Rescue

Spearheaded all intake, foster, adoption, veterinary, volunteer, marketing, transport, and other community and private collaborations. Planned and executed weekly adoption events and raised $75,000 in donations and grants in 5 months.


In August of 2019 a woman who was living deep in the Altamont hills passed away. Her granddaughter found out about her illegal puppy mill operation when she went to clear her estate. I was contacted to assist in the rescue efforts along with 11 other rescues. I took in 22 out of 98 of the dogs found on property to my home. 

Since I had ample experience in marketing & live media, we decided I would host the news segment. I spent hours collaborating and filming with the ABC 7 News Team.



Luckily, the rescue had just been awarded 65k in grant money, however, the previous week I had an intake of 13 dogs and now with the additional 22 major medical we were hit with over 25k in emergency veterinary bills.

I utilized multiple social media pages to raise 7k overnight for an emergency pyometra surgery for Wynona, now Minnie.

Sugar, the black lab in the news article (see picture), needed 7k in medical care, 2k was raised through my personal accounts and the rest was crowd funding on varying platforms.

Sugar remained in my life and was adopted by my best friend. She passed peacefully on March 26th 2024 surrounded by all of us.



Planning and executing dog adoption events involves selecting a suitable venue, promoting the event, ensuring sufficient volunteers, providing amenities, and coordinating pick-up with foster parents. An efficient adoption process, including pre-screening applications and on-site counseling, helps facilitate successful adoptions. I've executed over 100 adoption events and fairs.


Soft Paws Rescue

Orchestrated all intake, foster, adoption, veterinary, volunteer, marketing, transport, and other community outreach involving other rescue and animal welfare organizations and agencies. Raised thousands in emergency funds overnight. 



I received a distress call about six dogs in critical condition in Modesto. Odie, was not initially among the six found alive. When the finder tripped on his crate, he made a faint noise. That is when they discovered Odie's lifeless body. He was urgently rushed to the emergency veterinary clinic and I immediately began fundraising. Within 12 hours, I raised $8,000 for his care across various platforms (graphic image warning). Odie made a full recovery and loves going to work with his dad everyday!

Other rescue work

Northern California Transport Coordinator | Arizona Mastiff Rescue

Successfully coordinated or conducted transport for giant breeds from Northern California to Phoenix, Arizona through social media networking.

Social Media Coordinator & Foster Parent | Umbrella of Hope Rescue

Curated fundraiser campaigns and constant social media updates for a small 501c3 non profit rescue organization.

Website Designer | 510 Paws Rescue

Website designer for 510 Paws Rescue, crafting a user-friendly platform to showcase their mission and facilitate pet adoptions and garner donations.


Mad Money Karaoke


Mad Money Karaoke came about unexpectedly when my friend Chamber approached me to host karaoke, despite my lack of prior hosting experience. Drawing on my 15 years as a live performer and marketing skills, I successfully established my new business and aided other bars in flourishing.


  • ROI of 5.17% in the first 6 months

  • Acquired 5 long term accounts in 3 months

  • Tripled Wednesday night revenue at delta brews

  • Doubled the Oil Changers holiday party revenue at The Draft

Social Media Marketing

Pretty & P'inked' - A Breast Cancer Fundraiser


I was fortunate enough to assist two of my dear friends, Leilani Alfonso and Desiree Maldonado with their annual breast cancer fundraiser. I assisted with logistics, decor, amenities, and marketing. The premise is to raise funds for women to receive tattoos to cover up their scars. Each tattoo can cost 1k to 3k depending on size and placement.


  • Over 500 attendees

  • 9 sponsorships

  • 2 breast cancer survivors received tattoos

  • 1 website design client


Networking Events & Seminars


I actively participate in various professional networking groups, where I have contributed as a keynote speaker at numerous meetings and seminars. Leveraging my extensive network throughout the Central Valley has proven to be a cornerstone of my career growth strategy, providing invaluable opportunities for professional advancement.


Club Leader, Social Media Blaster, New Member Coach

During my time with Gold Star Referral Clubs, I attended multiple weekly meetings throughout the 16 clubs in the central valley. The appeal of my membership was being able to practice my presentation skills, make strong connections, and gain leadership skills.


  • Central Valley Networking Association

  • ​Tracy Chamber of Commerce

  • General Federation of Women's Club (GFWC) Tracy

  • Women's Small Business Network of San Joaquin (WSBNSJ)

  • Central Valley Association of Realtors (CVAR)

  • Fil-Am Biz Club